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PIXEL is the pen name for composer and educator Evan Combs (b. 1988). Evan has spent his career developing innovative educational opportunities for learners across all ages and demographics, focusing on authentic experiences that leverage technology, adaptive learning, and educational science. In addition to working full time as a leader of instructional design in the Higher Ed, workforce, and organizational development spaces, he supports the local community college and public schools through teaching and program development (including some volunteering). As a composer, Evan has been commissioned by numerous band and chamber ensembles and holds a graduate degree in Computer Music Composition from Peabody. Evan lives in Maryland with his wife, son, and daughter. Please reach out using the contact form (under Published Works) for any presentation, information, or commission requests.

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Published Works

Title Instrumentation Difficulty
Jack Marching Band Medium
Dream Catcher Marching Band Medium-Easy
Anubis Marching Band Medium-Easy
Romeo & Juliet Marching Band Medium
BREACH Wind Ensemble Medium-Easy
Phoenix Transcends Wind Ensemble Medium
Sky Giants (Coming 2024) Wind Ensemble Very Easy
Arctic Expedition (Coming 2025) Wind Ensemble Very Easy
Sticky Waltz String Orchestra Easy
Circulation String Orchestra Easy
Garden of Lilies (Coming 2024) String Orchestra Easy
The Wright Brothers (Coming 2024) String Orchestra Very Easy
Ten Pennies Drum Cadence Easy
Indigo Drum Cadence Medium
Double Helix Drum Cadence Easy
Fondue Drum Cadence Medium
4 Duets for 1 Marimba (Coming 2024) Duet Medium


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